Thursday, July 14, 2011

She Tells It Like It is...

While we were at H-E-B yesterday the kids and I were having a discussion about making healthy food choices. As I was bagging some bananas, Brown pointed to them and said, "Bananas awe healfy to eat. Dey make us gwow big and stwong like Daddy."

I replied, "That's right, Brown. Bananas are a healthy food choice."

Later on during our shopping trip, Anna pointed to a bag of Oreos and shouted, "Those cookies are NOT healthy to eat. They will go straight to you hips, right Mama?!!!!"

An over sized woman near us let out a chuckle and exclaimed, "That's right little lady, I've enjoyed one too many Oreos in my days!"

Then when we were checking out, I noticed that our checker had a mohawk. Well, so did Anna. She immediately pointed to him and screamed, "I LOVE your dinosaur haircut!"

He proudly responded, "Thanks! Well, that's one I haven't heard before."

***I thought it was a perfect description! ;)

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