Thursday, June 23, 2011

I gave in...

A & B have been trying to give up the nap for a couple of months now. I'll admit, nap time has been pretty much unsuccessful for the past several months...B would come out of his room 172,989 times before he would finally give in and take one, or as soon as he would fall asleep the yard man next door would arrive to blow the leaves around or mow the yard which would make b come charging out of his room screaming, "I hear someping! I hear someping!"

A would fight the nap too, excuse after excuse. Then when she did actually nap, Miss Priss would stay up until all hours of the night. Imagine 11 P.M. and a three year old still up and playing in her room no matter what time we started bedtime.

So, I gave in. I can officially say we have given up the nap.

Now that we have no more nap time, I still think quiet time is a must. I know that I definitely need a little quiet time. It certainly makes me a much better Mama after my short little break of quietness.

So I started brainstorming ideas for quiet time. I wanted activities that would entertain and engage Anna and Brown for a period of time. Activities that they could use independently. The teacher in me loved this part! That was always my favorite part about teaching...the planning!

I decided that I would make centers, like the ones that I used in my classroom. So I've been gathering materials- art supplies, books, blocks, toys, puzzles, manipulates, etc. I placed them in plastic tubs and store them in our toy closet. They are "special" toys that we only get to use during quiet time. I rotate them out, which I do with all of their toys, and then they seem like new and exciting activities each time we use them.

During quiet time, I pick the activities and set the tubs up around their rooms. Next I set a timer for 45 minutes and close their doors. Then they each have to stay in their room and quietly play until the timer beeps.

And Viola, there you have it...quiet time.


Today I set up stickers and construction paper as one of the centers in each of their rooms. When quiet time was over, both of them came out of their rooms looking like this...

Ha! Ha! Ha!

I guess twins really do think alike!!

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