Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day in the Life of Potty Training

B: I don't want to be a big boy. I don't want to weh unduhweh. I want my diapuh on, NOW!!!! Me: If you teetee in the potty like a big boy, you can earn a prize!
B: Ohhhh, dats a good idid! I AM gonna be a BIG BOY NOW!!!!

B: Yay!!!!!!!! I did it! I used the potty like a big boy!

You be so pwowd of me Mama?

Me: See, you can do it! I am very proud of you, Brown.

B: I want dat one!

B: Look Mama, it's Lightening AhQueen!

B: ZOOOOooooooom!

B: Look at all my cahs I got today!!

B: Dis is hawd wowk! I need to welax a little bit! ;)

Me: Day 1, was a success. Now on to day 2...

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