Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Years Old

3 years old is so much fun!

I am just loving this age.

They really do say the cutest things.

Whenever Brown is told that the answer is NO he replies, "But I'm a weal (real) boy!!!"

This morning while batting her eyelashes Anna announced, "Mommy, when I grow up I want to marry my Daddy!"

When we are out running errands Anna frequently asks the cashier, "Are you a boy or a girl?"

Trying to get an answer from Brown is still very difficult, for example:

Me: Brown, why did you bite your sister?

Brown: I bite Eenah (Anna) because I bite Eenah.

Me: Brown, why are you crying?

Brown: I cwying because I cwying.

Anna always tells the truth, for example:

Me: Anna, why did you color on the wall?

Anna: I wanted to make it pretty.

Me: Anna, why did you push your brother?

Anna: Because he was in duh way.

At bedtime Anna always tells us to, "Cover me bigger!"

Every morning Brown asks, "What we doin' today? We goin' to Tahgit (Target)?"...his favorite store. Mine too!! ;)

I ran into the edge of the coffee table the other day and Brown said, "Hold on Mom, let me go get somping." He then ran into the other room and came back with his doctor's kit.

Brown frequently says, "Hmmm, let me tink about it," while pressing his index finger on the tip of his chin.

Almost every morning Anna asks, "Can we go get in the car today and drive and drive and drive and drive to go see Gaga in Waco?"...that girl loves her grandmother!

Whenever Anna gets scolded she begs, "I sorry, will follow rections (directions) now! I will be a good girl."
At H-E-B today Anna told the checker boy with long hair, "You need a haircut."...she was right, he did.

And our dog is not named Woody, it is Woody Dog.

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