Friday, January 14, 2011

A Very Disney Christmas

This year my parents gave us the gift of Disney for Christmas. The kids and I loaded up in the car, and drove cross country with my parents to Disney World again! It was so magical, especially all decorated up for Christmas.
When we arrived and checked into our hotel, Anna overlooked the balcony into the hotel lobby and exclaimed, "Diney Wield! Dis is da best!"
She thought the hotel was one of the actual parks!
You can see the pure excitement in her face here.
Meeting Pooh
Gaga & Tigger
More hugs for Tigger
About to ride Toy Story Mania with Pah-pah
We ate lunch with several of the Disney characters,
and Brown got up to join the dance party
Patiently waiting at Chef Mickey's to meet the the characters
So excited!
About to meet a character...
Pluto, our favorite!!
Another day we ate lunch with the Disney Princesses
Belle was Anna's favorite!
Waiting so nicely for a ride
This is what Anna would do when she was not ready to leave a ride
Sit right down and pout!
He thought he had found Woody's hat
We finally did find Woody's hat
At last, we got to meet Woody!

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