Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 in Review

2010 was a great year!
Here's a quick look back at our many adventures...
Brown started out 2010 with a bang-
Daddy gave him the worst haircut EVER!!!!!
In February, we celebrated Valentine's Day with lots of love.
Kiss me?!?

We were sooooo excited to turn TWO in March!

In April we had our very first Easter egg hunt!
May brought us all the way to Florida for our first trip to Walt Disney World!
We traveled to New Mexico & Colorado in June.
In July we celebrated the 4th!
We went on our annual trip to Port Aransas in August.
In September, Daddy worked really really hard putting together our "club house" in the backyard.
We enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch in October.
Santa's helper, Lulu, came to visit us in November.
He made sure we were on best behavior!
We celebrated the birth of Jesus in December!
Happy Birthday, Jesus!!
We look forward to many more adventures in 2011!!

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