Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year!


2010 in Review

2010 was a great year!
Here's a quick look back at our many adventures...
Brown started out 2010 with a bang-
Daddy gave him the worst haircut EVER!!!!!
In February, we celebrated Valentine's Day with lots of love.
Kiss me?!?

We were sooooo excited to turn TWO in March!

In April we had our very first Easter egg hunt!
May brought us all the way to Florida for our first trip to Walt Disney World!
We traveled to New Mexico & Colorado in June.
In July we celebrated the 4th!
We went on our annual trip to Port Aransas in August.
In September, Daddy worked really really hard putting together our "club house" in the backyard.
We enjoyed going to the pumpkin patch in October.
Santa's helper, Lulu, came to visit us in November.
He made sure we were on best behavior!
We celebrated the birth of Jesus in December!
Happy Birthday, Jesus!!
We look forward to many more adventures in 2011!!

1 Down, 1 To Go!

Yep, it's official
I followed the 3-Day Potty Training Method e-book
I read every single word cover to cover, and I followed it exactly.
We woke up early Thursday morning.
Had breakfast, and then the fun began.
Let me back track a little.
First I covered every inch of our den floor with blankets and towels.
Then the fun began!
We put on big girl panties, and boy was she thrilled!
During breakfast, she had her first accident and we ran to the potty,
and she finished on the potty.
This continued throughout the morning.
By lunch time, the girl had the hang of it.
She was telling me every time she had to go potty!
During her nap, she woke up dry telling me she needed to go potty.
The rest is history.
She is officially a big girl now!

In a few weeks, it will be brother's turn...


Introducing the newest member of our family...

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas!

We had a very merry Christmas!
Celebrating Jesus' birth, with family.
It could not have been better!

Santa filled A & B's stockings to the brim

Anna helped pass out the presents

She got her beloved Simba.
We had to stop at every gift shop,
and I mean every shop,
while we were at Disney World so she could hug Simba .
Every time Ann would say, "Maybe for Christmas!?!"
I guess Santa was listening.

Santa brought them a trampoline!
and a kitchen.
Anna's favorite gift happens to be the 5 dollar broom.
This girl takes after her mama already.
She LOVES a clean home!!!!

A Very Disney Christmas

This year my parents gave us the gift of Disney for Christmas. The kids and I loaded up in the car, and drove cross country with my parents to Disney World again! It was so magical, especially all decorated up for Christmas.
When we arrived and checked into our hotel, Anna overlooked the balcony into the hotel lobby and exclaimed, "Diney Wield! Dis is da best!"
She thought the hotel was one of the actual parks!
You can see the pure excitement in her face here.
Meeting Pooh
Gaga & Tigger
More hugs for Tigger
About to ride Toy Story Mania with Pah-pah
We ate lunch with several of the Disney characters,
and Brown got up to join the dance party
Patiently waiting at Chef Mickey's to meet the the characters
So excited!
About to meet a character...
Pluto, our favorite!!
Another day we ate lunch with the Disney Princesses
Belle was Anna's favorite!
Waiting so nicely for a ride
This is what Anna would do when she was not ready to leave a ride
Sit right down and pout!
He thought he had found Woody's hat
We finally did find Woody's hat
At last, we got to meet Woody!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A bit behind

Well, I guess I'm a bit behind on blogging.
November was pretty much the pits.
First Anna got a virus and ran a really high fever for a week.
As soon as Anna recovered from it, Brown came down with the same thing.
Just when I thought all was fine and dandy, Brown got pink eye.
Then I got pink eye.
The following week Anna got the stomach bug.
She passed it along to Brown
Who passed it along to Clay.
Finally after an entire 3 1/2 weeks of being sick, we were all better and we headed to Waco to spend time with our family for Thanksgiving.