Monday, September 20, 2010


Last weekend we took the kiddos to Septemberfest, which is an arts and crafts festival at the Museum of the Southwest here in Midland. There were many great vendors, but the best part were the children's activities. Anna absolutely LOVED everything! Brown is more of a fraidy cat, so he just enjoyed watching Anna participate in all of the activities. There was a petting zoo, pony and camel rides, bouncers, face painting, and many other wonderful activities for the children to do.
Anna's favorite part was the petting zoo by far. She would walk up to each animal, hug it, and then introduce herself to it. It was really funny because she did this to every single animal there.
Brown lasted about 30 seconds in there. He was terrified!!!!!!!!
Anna introducing herself to mister goat, "Hi goat, I'm Anna!"
Riding a pony
She just knew she was riding Bullseye from Toy Story!
Petting the chicks
Checking out the bunnies
Peeking at the guinea pigs
Showing off their Mickey & Minnie balloons

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