Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lots of Changes Going On...

During the past month, we've had a lot of changes going on:
new rooms, new beds, we gave up our pacifiers, and we are going to attempt potty training next.

My wild man finally figured out that he could climb out of his crib. Not only was this dangerous, but once he was out of his crib he would climb into Anna's bed. They would start out playing together nicely, but eventually it would turn into a wrestling match...and NOT a nice one either. There was lots of biting, hitting, pinching, and clawing going on. So we decided to separate Anna & Brown. Brown now has a room all to himself, and Anna moved down the hall to her very own room too. This is definitely what they needed. My wild man can now party all night long without disturbing his sis. And Anna can finally sleep in peace!
A & B playing in Anna's bed during nap time.
Notice the chair & rocking horse- that's what he used to get into her crib!

Once Brown discovered that he could escape from his crib, we converted it into a toddler bed. After several nights of crying himself to sleep on the floor, and many time-outs later, he finally gave in to sleeping in his new big boy bed. Getting him to sleep is not perfect yet, but it is getting better each day.
Anna is still sleeping in her crib. She has not attempted to escape yet. So why change a good thing?
Finally sleeping in his big boy bed! :)

Anna & Brown FINALLY gave up their "pappies!"
I had planned on doing this since they turned one, but there always seemed to be something going on that made me keep postponing the process. I finally decided that there was never going to be a perfect nor easy time to do it. So one afternoon, I just put them down for naps without their "pappies."
And that was it.
They have never asked for them again.
It was so easy, but I'm not complaining!
Bye-bye pappies!

Potty training's next!
Wish us lots of luck!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh MY GOSH, that last picture looks like it's from a storybook! Love, love, love!!!