Saturday, May 29, 2010

Playing dress up

Anna's LOOOOOVES playing dress up!
She loves to wear her "cown" on her head
carry her "puss" on her arm
and prance around in her "high hill" shoes.
The sad thing is, I think she walks better in heels than I do! ;)
After seeing "Tinkybell" at Disney World, she now wants to fly around
in her fairy wings and see the fireworks show .
Brown likes to wear them too.
Only he pretends he is Buzz Lightyear.

This afternoon, I overheard Anna telling Brown:
You MY pincess.
You weah hat.
You weah shoes.
You weah puss.
You pitty pincess.
ME pitty pincess too!!!!!!
And then I saw this . . .
Next she exclaimed:
Bown, you kiss pitty pincess!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't think he really had a choice.
What a princess wants, a princess gets.

Finally getting to play his way!
To infinity and beyond . . .

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