Saturday, April 24, 2010

the terrible twos . . .

if one child isn't fussing, the other one is
they are soooo busy
constantly on the go
running . . . in two opposite directions
hard headed
throwing very loud temper tantrums . . . especially in public
the terrible twos are wearing me out, and we're only two months into them!
but,the twos really aren't THAT terrible.
they are actually so much fun!
constantly discovering
new words
and ideas
developing opinions
and unique personalities
fascinated with life
eager to try new things
pure excitement
and joy
learning new concepts
and hugs
and many opened mouth, slobbery, wet kisses
and lots and lots of love
i don't want my babies to grow up any more!
if i could freeze time, i would.
the terrible twos . . . oh, how i have a love/hate relationship with you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Your Opinion Please!

I am about to begin painting my dining room, but I am torn on which color to paint it.
Please tell me what you think! I want your opinion. Really.
Chocolate or Caramel?
I always seem to play it safe with colors. I used the caramel in my last house in my entry. Do I use it again, but just in another room? I love the caramel color. Will the caramel just look like the rest of the walls in my house which are just a few shades lighter than caramel (more of a golden color)?
I also really like the chocolate. I have a chocolate plate collection, and I have some of the plates hanging throughout the house. Will the chocolate make the room look too small or the furniture not stand out enough?

Some of my plates
The walls in the rest of the house are painted this color, it's just a few shades lighter than caramel

So . . . Chocolate or Caramel?

Baking Cookies & Posing for the Camera

This afternoon while Anna was still napping, Brown helped me bake some cookies. He loved stirring the dough, rolling the cookies, licking his fingers, and especially tasting the cookies once they were done baking. He was a great baking buddy!
And here's a pic of Anna posing for the future model!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

An attempt at a family photo

Lounging by the window at Ridgewood

Picking some flowers
We had a HAPPY EASTER, and I hope you did too!

Egg Hunt

Anna & Brown loved egg hunting this year and they were both quite the hunters!
On Saturday they got to meet the Easter Bunny and hunt lots of eggs.
Thanks for a fun Saturday Gaga!
Posing with the Easter Bunny


Hunting eggs

I wonder if there is any candy in here?
Yes, candy & quarters . . . perfect for 2 year olds!

Checking out our loot

Counting my eggs

Looking at the fish

Playing in the water . . . he's definitely ALL BOY