Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Fun New Game . . .

Feeding each other!

In Loving Memory . . .

This post is in loving memory of Clay's sweet Uncle Tom, who passed away last weekend.
Tom, you will be missed.
I LOVE this picture and it makes me so happy each time that I look at it.
I have almost erased it about a hundred times because Anna looks so funny in it, but I sure am glad that I kept it.
How can it not just make you smile?

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Pretty Icky Week!

Last week was pretty icky . . . we caught the tummy bug!!!! Brown started having nasty diapers last Monday and they continued until Thursday. Anna puked all Wednesday evening. Then they graciously passed along the bug to me over the weekend. I can't remember the last time I have felt that bad. I literally stayed in bed for 24 hours straight. I felt better Monday morning, but then I started feeling yucky again last night. How long will this last? I'm ready to feel normal again! Since I have not been sick in ages, I didn't know just how hard it was to be a sick Mommy. I WILL NOT take my health or my children's health for granted.
I do realize just how blessed I am to be healthy and have healthy children. No one likes to be sick or feel bad, but many parents best days are like my worst. I have been following a story about a little girl, Layla Grace, and it really makes me thank God every day for the health my family has been given. Please pray for sweet Layla Grace and her family.
To read her story go here: http://laylagrace.org
We spent a lot of time in our jammies last week, so here are a few pics of Anna & Brown in their cute pj's from their Gaga!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day In the Life of a Two Year Old . . .

Wake up to pancakes with sprinkles Blow out a #2 candle
Get a special delivery
And another special delivery
Play in the new sandbox
Take a ride in the new car
Share my car with that other two year old
Read some special mail
Give sweet birthday kisses to that other two year old
Eat junk food for dinner at Chuck E. Cheese
Enjoy some yummy birthday cake
It sure is fun to be a two year old!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twice As Blessed!

Since you've come along,
I'm twice as blessed
I'm twice as tired
I'm twice as happy
I'm twice as scared
I'm twice as loved
I worry twice as much
Life is twice as exciting
My heart is twice as big
Because of you, I am complete.
I love you with my whole heart.
HaPpY 2Nd BiRtHdAy,
Anna and Brown!

Two Years Ago...

This was me two years ago today.
Two years ago today, I was nervous, anxious, afraid, and excited all at the same time.
Two years ago today, I didn't know the meaning of true love.
Two years ago today, I never knew how much joy two little people could bring into my life.
Two years ago today, my life was about to change.