Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day 2010!

We woke up bright and early Tuesday morning to snow covering the ground.
It really was beautiful.
Anna woke up extra early too, so Clay took her outside to play in the snow before he headed off to work. They played outside for about 45 minutes until Anna was soaking wet & freezing. When it was time to come inside, her wheels came off! She kicked & screamed & had a gigantic meltdown. All she wanted to do was play in the snow!
Once they came inside, we warmed up with a change of clothes, a cup of hot chocolate, & some delicious homemade pancakes. YUMMY!!!!
All day long Anna kept running to the door begging to go out and play in the "no." I literally had to keep her away from all doors and windows so as to avoid any more meltdowns! Anna continued to talk about the snow all day long saying:
Mama, it no-ing! Peas, go pay!
Anna pay! It no-ing!
I heard this ALL.DAY.LONG.
I told her that Daddy would take her outside when he got home. And an elephant never forgets! As soon as her Daddy walked in the door, Anna yelled, "Dada, it no-ing! Peas, pay!"
And then she started pushing him towards the door.
So Anna & her Daddy went back outside & played & played & played.
They even built a no-man! :)

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