Wednesday, December 29, 2010


While we were in Waco, we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop.
Anna was really into it.
Filling her bear with stuffing
Rubbing the heart on her back so the bear will "always have her back"
Closing her eyes and making a wish with the heart
After the bear was all stitched up, she gave it a bath
Finally dressing her bear...Cinderella!
B was not that into the whole process.
The stuffing machine made a loud blowing noise that scared him.
So he just kissed his bear's heart and made a wish.
And that was that.
Of course, he picked the Woody costume!
Overall, it was a fun experience!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Card Outtakes

making a silly face

nose picking

too big smile

squished up face

nearly impossible to get them together
i took about 100 pictures, just to get a few good ones.
maybe next year will be easier.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

October in Review

Miss me much?!?
After many setbacks with our computer,
I'm finally back in the blogging world again!
First we got a computer virus.
Once we got it fixed, Clay dropped the computer!
So my sweetie bought me an early Christmas gift-
a new laptop!!!!
Now, October in review...
Went on a Girl's Trip to Salado with my besties from college
(Amy, Jamie, Me, Aubs)
B & Buzz enjoying the Airsho

A watching the planes fly by

Then Clay & I went on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas
This was our very first trip together since Anna & Brown joined the family-
it was much needed!!!!!

Just the two of us at the top of Mandalay Bay overlooking the strip

We took the kiddos out to Fiddlestick Farms for a very windy afternoon.
The three of us squeezed into the cow train!

A & B painted pumpkins to get into the fall spirit
This is Anna's new favorite thing to do now.
She has painted 6 total!!

B working hard on his pumpkin too

Our first time to carve a pumpkin
Took Woody & Jessie Trunk or Treating

Enjoyed getting their faces painted by Joy the clown again
Woody got Bullseye, a beard, & a mustache
Jessie was quite excited to have her face painted as well
A & B are obsessed with costumes now
B wears his Woody vest everywhere.
Even when sleeping!

My sleeping beauty in her Belle dress
November pics coming soon...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Face Painting

A & B went to a birthday party and had their faces painted for the first time.
They. Loved. It.
A wanted butterflies B wanted Boots, from Dora
Isn't this the way everyone eats dinner?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Caught Red-Handed

Over the past several days, I've been finding parts of my flower
arrangement throughout the house.
Apparently this wasn't her first time up on the table...

Just A Friendly Wrestling Match Going On

Cowboy up

My cowboy YEEEEE-
My lil cowgirl is pretty proud of her new pink boots too!

Nice to meet you...

A Halloween Sneak Peek

Woody Jessie
Checking out their costumes
Dance party!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Last weekend we took the kiddos to Septemberfest, which is an arts and crafts festival at the Museum of the Southwest here in Midland. There were many great vendors, but the best part were the children's activities. Anna absolutely LOVED everything! Brown is more of a fraidy cat, so he just enjoyed watching Anna participate in all of the activities. There was a petting zoo, pony and camel rides, bouncers, face painting, and many other wonderful activities for the children to do.
Anna's favorite part was the petting zoo by far. She would walk up to each animal, hug it, and then introduce herself to it. It was really funny because she did this to every single animal there.
Brown lasted about 30 seconds in there. He was terrified!!!!!!!!
Anna introducing herself to mister goat, "Hi goat, I'm Anna!"
Riding a pony
She just knew she was riding Bullseye from Toy Story!
Petting the chicks
Checking out the bunnies
Peeking at the guinea pigs
Showing off their Mickey & Minnie balloons