Thursday, December 3, 2009

Smiles and Hair bows

This is Anna's fake smile, but I think it is so funny!
We tell her to: "Smile like a pretty girl!"
and this is the face we get!
Her real smile . . . what a sweetie pie!

I bought Anna a hairband today because she loves wearing mine,
plus people are always assuming that she's a boy.
Even when dressed in pink.
From head to toe.
Poor little girl STILL has hardly any hair!
Man was she proud to have her very own "bow" as she calls them.
She walked around all afternoon long with just the biggest grin on her face shouting,
"P BOW!" (pretty bow)

And I couldn't do a post without having Mr. Brown in there too!
Don't you just love his little side comb over!?!
It makes him look like such a little man!


  1. OMG! They are getting go big, Penelope! How sweet they both are...and SOOOO happy! Happy Holdiays to you all!