Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

Wow, we sure have come a long way over the past year!
When 2009 began, I had babies.
Now I have two walking, talking, running, and into everything toddlers.
Times have definitely changed!
For the better, of course!!

Life is busier.
Each day is filled with countless adventures.
New discoveries are uncovered.
More words and sentences are spoken.
Laughter is our second language.
Who knew life could get any better?!?
I fall more in love with my little twinkies every single day.
2009 was a fantastic year, but I look forward to what the new year holds.
2009 in Review:
In January, we celebrated the new year by watching the ball drop at midnight!

In February, we received our very first Valentine's Day delivery . . . balloons!

In March, we turned ONE!!!!

In April, my wild man learned to walk!
Our lives have never been the same.

In May, my sweet baby girl took her first steps!
She was so proud of herself!

In June, we made our first trip to the beach!
A family tradition we will continue.

In July, we packed up all of our belongings,
said goodbye to Waco,
and headed out West!

In August, we spent many days playing in the water!

In September, we started Mother's Day Out!
WE LOVE SCHOOL (just like our Mama)!!!!

In October, we picked out our very first pumpkins at the patch!

In November, we enjoyed spending time with family!
Anna & Pah-pah love playing peek-a-boo together.

In December, we enjoyed the magic of CHRISTmas!

Here's to more laughs, tears, discoveries, and many more adventures in 2010!
Happy New Year!!!!


  1. I love this. What sweet kiddos!
    I might have to copy you. I love this idea.
    Miss you guys! xoxo

  2. Cute cute kiddos! You definitely have had your hands full this year. :)