Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

Wow, we sure have come a long way over the past year!
When 2009 began, I had babies.
Now I have two walking, talking, running, and into everything toddlers.
Times have definitely changed!
For the better, of course!!

Life is busier.
Each day is filled with countless adventures.
New discoveries are uncovered.
More words and sentences are spoken.
Laughter is our second language.
Who knew life could get any better?!?
I fall more in love with my little twinkies every single day.
2009 was a fantastic year, but I look forward to what the new year holds.
2009 in Review:
In January, we celebrated the new year by watching the ball drop at midnight!

In February, we received our very first Valentine's Day delivery . . . balloons!

In March, we turned ONE!!!!

In April, my wild man learned to walk!
Our lives have never been the same.

In May, my sweet baby girl took her first steps!
She was so proud of herself!

In June, we made our first trip to the beach!
A family tradition we will continue.

In July, we packed up all of our belongings,
said goodbye to Waco,
and headed out West!

In August, we spent many days playing in the water!

In September, we started Mother's Day Out!
WE LOVE SCHOOL (just like our Mama)!!!!

In October, we picked out our very first pumpkins at the patch!

In November, we enjoyed spending time with family!
Anna & Pah-pah love playing peek-a-boo together.

In December, we enjoyed the magic of CHRISTmas!

Here's to more laughs, tears, discoveries, and many more adventures in 2010!
Happy New Year!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

I Couldn't Ask for More

Celebrating the birth of Jesus, spending time with loved ones, giving gifts, holiday traditions, beautiful decorations, sending and receiving holiday cards, listening to Christmas music . . . these are the things that I treasure about this time of year. I feel so blessed by all that I have, and I couldn't ask for more.
We had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you did too!

Looking forward to new adventures in 2010!





Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pity Party For One, Please!


Pity Party- A way of experiencing grief, in which you spend time feeling sorry for yourself and whining endlessly about how crappy your life is.

Yes, I'm whining.
Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself.
No, I have not experienced any type of actual "grief."
Yes, I do realize that it could be a lot worse.
Yes, I'm just having one big, huge, gigantic, enormous pity party for myself.

As I'm sitting here thinking about all of the things that I want to complain about "All by Myself" is starting to play in my head! Tee! Hee!! ;)

So, let the complaining begin:
I'm sick of living out of boxes. I despise that I can not find anything to wear without dumping out an entire box and making an even bigger mess. I am tired of not being able to "live" in my house. I think I would actually rather be living in the apartment than in this pigsty. I am ready for at least ONE room to be completed. I am sick of trying to keep up with the kiddos amongst all of the boxes, construction, and mess. I am soooooooooooooooo ready to finish one room . . . any room . . . unpack it, and begin LIVING in it!!!!!!
My dining room filled with boxes . . . and stuff
More boxes in the den

My "closet"

This is where we are sleeping . . . nice huh!?!
I know you are jealous. Very jealous.

The 'ole pink tub sitting on my back porch . . . very Bevelry Hillbillie-ish
I actually feel better now! :)
I promise readers, no more pity parties.
The next time I post pictures of the house, it will be of a completed room.
I better go get busy while the kiddos are at mdo today!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Love You, Little Lady!

Dear Little Lady,
You are so perfect in every way. You are my sweetheart, and you love to please. You can also be very hardheaded and stubborn (hmmm . . . I wonder where that comes from). You love your brother dearly, and you copy his every move. He makes you laugh all day long, and I love hearing you call out his name, "Bown, Bown, Bown!" when you wake up each morning. I love the way you bob your head and dance to any tune that is playing. You make me smile with all of your funny faces; baby girl you put on a good show! I am so very proud to be your mother.
Little lady, I love you!

I Love You, Wild Man!

Dear Wild Man,

I love you just the way you are. In my eyes , you are perfect. You are wild and crazy, but you can also be my cuddle bug. You challenge me daily. You make me laugh. You make me cry; tears of joy and tears of pure frustration. You make me seek the Lord for guidance daily. There is never a dull moment when you are around. You always keep me on my toes. You are a busy, busy, busy little guy. You make me so proud to be your mommy.

I love you, wild man!


Dancing With Joy!

This little lady LOVES to dance!
Whenever any type of tune comes on, she starts
to boogie. Classical, Country, Hip hop . . . she likes it all!

Anna Sophia, you are such a joy!

Monday, December 7, 2009

An Attempt at Christmas Pics

That is all I have to say about that!
End of story.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Like Father, like daughter

I'm DEFINITELY a Daddy's girl!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Finders, keepers

We finally got dressed and out of our pajamas today.
Ummmm . . .
about 1:00 P.M.
While I was dressing Brown, Anna wandered into the dining room.
There are TONS of our things in there:
wall hangings
and the Christmas gifts
Well, Anna found them . . .
The look I got!

Admiring her find!

Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

We woke up to snow on the ground this morning. What a beautiful sight! After studying the "no" through the window, I bundled up the twinkies and we headed outside. My wild man loved it and went running out the door as soon as it was opened. He quickly rolled on the ground as he hit a slippery patch, but it didn't faze him one bit. He was up within seconds and off again. He didn't stop running or throwing the snow the entire time we braved the cold.
On the other hand, Anna was very timid. She wanted to hold my hand the entire time as she tiptoed around. But once it was time to come inside, Anna threw the biggest tantrum! She threw herself down on the ground and she was covered from head to toe with snow and mud!
After dragging her inside kicking and screaming, we took a warm bath, A & B enjoyed their first cup of hot chocolate, and then I made some yummy pancakes. We've been lounging around, watching movies, and wearing our pajamas all day long. What a fun day to relax and spent some time together!
A & B checking out the "no" on the ground
Brown stomping through the snow

Anna tiptoeing around

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Smiles and Hair bows

This is Anna's fake smile, but I think it is so funny!
We tell her to: "Smile like a pretty girl!"
and this is the face we get!
Her real smile . . . what a sweetie pie!

I bought Anna a hairband today because she loves wearing mine,
plus people are always assuming that she's a boy.
Even when dressed in pink.
From head to toe.
Poor little girl STILL has hardly any hair!
Man was she proud to have her very own "bow" as she calls them.
She walked around all afternoon long with just the biggest grin on her face shouting,
"P BOW!" (pretty bow)

And I couldn't do a post without having Mr. Brown in there too!
Don't you just love his little side comb over!?!
It makes him look like such a little man!