Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm back!!!!!!!!

So, I haven't posted in about a month but we're all still happy, healthy, and living life to its fullest!
We've been super duper busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been working to get the house move-in ready.
Lost my camera. :(
Made several trips back and fourth to Waco.
Painted. Painted. Painted.
Celebrated Halloween.
Survived a nasty cold.
And a tummy bug.
More painting.
Did I mention painting?!?
November arrived.

I started by shipping the kiddos off to Waco to stay with Grandinka & Papa for an entire week!!!!! It was VERY DIFFICULT being away from Brown and Anna, but my sister took lots of pics and sent them to me daily. I also called about 5-10 times every single day to see what cute moments I was missing!!!! I actually missed my baby boy speak his very first sentences!
Now he's talkin' up a storm, and his favorite phrases are:
Where Nanna go?
Where Mama go?
Where Dada go?
There her is!
Whaz dat?
Oh, Nooooooooooo!
Oh, MAN!!!!!
Go outwide & pay.
Hush, Yuke! (Luke is our dog)
SHIT down!! (Had to explain this one to his teachers!!) :)
Watch t-we!
Way, set, goooooooo!

While the kiddos were in Waco, Clay and I spent many, many, many, many LONG hours working on the house! We accomplished a TON, but there is still so much more to do!!!!!!! And the list just keeps getting longer and longer.
Even though the house is not finished, we still moved in! We're living out of boxes right now! LITERALLY!!!!!! Our mattress is on the floor, our bedside tables are boxes, and the kid's bedroom is our closet! Get the picture?!?
My goal is to have the house presentable by the new year!

We're heading to Waco on Saturday, and then we're celebrating Thanksgiving with the Hicks' clan in Valley Mills! Looking forward to some food, family, fun, and fellowship!
I hope each of you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day!


  1. So by Christmas got pushed back to the New Year? lol!

  2. Welcome back! LOVE all the pics! Those two kiddos are getting SO big! They almost look bigger than you! HA!