Thursday, October 8, 2009

A little bit of progress . . .

I've been out of town for a week, and what a nice surprise to come back to. Quite a lot has been accomplished while I was away, but there's still a TON to be done!!
Ready or not, we're moving in before November 1st!!!!!
Master bath
Before: Lovely pink tile & exposed plumbing
In progress: The new tub deck & walk-in shower

Before: Looking at the kitchen from the den

In progress: Opening up the kitchen by creating a raised bar

Before: Lovely yellow cabinets & floral walls

In progress: My new sparkling white cabinets


  1. Definitely looking like progress is being made! I know the count down is on and you will be VERY excited to be in before the holidays start! Looking good and looking like a brand new house!!!