Thursday, October 1, 2009

Abilene Zoo Updated!

On our way to Waco last week, Grandinka met us for lunch in Abilene and then we headed to the zoo. The kiddos loved seeing all of the animals, and feeding them too. The best exhibit there had to be the giraffes! You walk across a bridge and then you are almost eye level with the giraffes. They were so much fun to feed, but I learned that they have really long black tongues that are very slimy too!
Anna was fascinated by the animals, but she thinks that they all say, "MOO!"
Brown just enjoyed his freedom by running, and running, and running around everywhere! This Mama sure did get her workout for the day!
Ready to see some animals!

Anna waving to her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE animal, the "Beh!"

Checking out the jaguars

Peeking at the zebras

Feeding the giraffes

Check out the long black tongue!!

Running Wild!
Gotta love my busy boy!!

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