Friday, September 18, 2009

Shoe Heaven!

My mom was in town last week, so we loaded up the kiddos & went shoe shopping. I don't think I could have done it without an extra set of hands. Trying to wrestle shoes on two toddlers was quite a work out, but it was well worth the effort!
As I was saying, we went shoe shopping- my favorite! Absolute favorite.
Upon entering Terry's Shoes, I was instantly in HEAVEN!!!!!!!
Shoes galore. I. Was. Drooling.
Tennis shoes, saddle shoes, sandals, red, pink, blue . . . if it was a type of shoe, they had it!
I could have spent a $1,000 on shoes, but I held back
(actually Grandinka did the purchasing that day & she held back).
We only purchased one perfect pair for each- Maryjane Squeakers for Anna and Saddle Shoes for Brown!
But I've been dreaming about those cute, adorable , precious children's shoes since we left.
Literally. Dreaming.

Once we got home, Anna marched around in her Squeakers for at least an hour. She was so proud of all that noise she was making! Brown could have cared less about his new shoes, but he sure does look cute in them!

The face of a happy little girl with new shoes!

Marching around in her new Squeakers!

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