Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another sneak peek . . .

So . . . I guess it gets worse before it gets better!!!!!
The lovely duct taped toilet before . . .
Now: The bathroom is becoming a closet!

A lovely yellow kitchen before . . .

The kitchen now

The beautiful pink master vanity before . . .

Now: Everything is gone!

The master shower before . . .

Now: GONE!!!
We're adding space to the master bath by taking away space from our closet
It's been a week now, and a lot has been accomplished!
But . . . . a lot more has been discovered! YIKES!!!!
With an older home, we knew we would discover more work as the remodel progressed. Yesterday we found out that the master bedroom, which was an addition to the house over 40 years ago, has NO INSULATION!!!!! A costly discovery!
So unfortunately, we will be investing more time and more dinero into the remodel.
What will we uncover next???

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