Friday, July 24, 2009


Uh-Oh #1:
We had a minor accident last night and had to take Anna to the emergency room. Brown pinched Ann's foot under their sliding closet door and put a fairly large slice in it. Poor little Anna was such a trooper!! I of course PANICKED! BIG TIME!! We're in a new town. No pediatrician yet! After 5:00 P.M. What was I to do?
Luckily, we found the minor emergency room easily and there was NO wait! The doctor saw us very quickly, cleaned up the cut, said that he thought it would heal without having to put Anna through the trauma of stitches, bandaged it up and sent us on our way.
Uh-Oh #2:
While I was changing Anna's diaper, I left Brown in the living room playing with some toys. I could totally see him (you can see anyone from basically anywhere in our teeny-tiny apartment), but then he got really quiet. NOT a good sign. I could still see him, but only from behind. As I walked back into the room, Brown turned around saying, "Uh- Ooooooh!"
. . . and this is what I saw!!!!
He had pulled my purse down from the counter, unzipped it, and beautifully decorated his face with my lipstick! Shucks- that lipstick was new!!

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  1. brown looks pretty in his makeup.. and i hope anna gets to feeling better soon..

    watch this you doubter. someone misses y'all!!