Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Visit to The Woodlands

Last week, Grandinka & I took Anna and Brown for a short trip to The Woodlands Resort. I definitely recommend going here. It was very kid-friendly, the rooms were spacious and clean, the service was wonderful and the food was delightful!! Anna and Brown had such a fun time and they didn't want to leave the pool area. Thanks Grandinka for taking us on a very fun
Playing in the water

Wading in the baby pool
Waiting to be squirted

Tying to catch the water

While we were in The Woodlands, one of my best friends from college drove in from Richmond to meet us for lunch. It was a short visit, but it sure was fun to get together! After lunch, we let the kiddos run around and play before heading back home.

Playing follow the leader . . .

Trying to get a quick pic of us all together
"Cousin Drew" and "Aunt Jamie"- Jamie is a best friend and we were roommates for 3 years in college!

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