Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our new best friends . . .

Anna and Brown just love Grandinka's cats! Anna adores Vivi, the giant fluffy old cat. Vivi only lets Anna get near her, and as soon as Brown comes around she hisses and runs away. So when Anna is looking for her or talking to her she now says, "HSSSSSSSSSSS!"
Too funny!
Brown's best friend is Grandinka's new kitten, Jack. He is full of spunk and personality just like Brown! They play together ALL day long. As soon as Brown wakes up in the morning, he begins searching for his buddy and calls out, "Ja Kit-ey!" (Jack Kitty)
It is too cute to watch them play!
Best Buddies

Brown and Jack playing hide-and-go seek!


Here's a short video of Brown and his new best friend. . . ENJOY!!

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