Friday, July 10, 2009



All About Anna at 16 months:
-Favorite Foods: bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, yogurt, porridge, grilled cheese, waffles, meatsticks, and ham

-Words I use most frequently: I sign "more", "please," "thank you," "I love you,"and "Get your guns up!"(Dadddy taught me this one!), ma (more) , peas (please), mama, dada, nana (banana), When asked my name I reply, "Nana" (Anna), hi, bye-bye, moc (milk), nigh-nigh (good night), bop (up), no (nose), my (mine), and No!No!

Favorite activities: reading my favorite books: What Does Baby Say? and Daddy Cuddles, playing with my remote control, cell phone, and keys, loving on my stuffed animals, dancing to any type of music (I especially love it when Mama dances with me), and my FAVORITE visitor is my Aunt Mindy

All About Brown at 16 months:
-Favorite foods: bananas, peaches, yogurt, porridge, cheese, macaroni and cheese, goldfish, meatsticks, and hamburger casserole

-Words I use most frequently: key (kitty), ba (up), ba (ball), mama, hi, bye, da (that- while pointing to what I want), and I sign "more"

-Favorite activities: playing with Grandinka's kitten and my dog Luke, swimming, playing with my farm animals, climbing on anything and everything, running around outside, unloading all the dishes in the kitchen cabinets, making my own music by beating on anything, and watching my favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba (Yes, I know it's a little freaky but he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it)

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