Monday, June 15, 2009

Moving Day!

We packed, bubble wrapped, and moved box, after box, after box . . . and we're finally finished (for now)! Movers came last Thursday and filled two huge moving trucks with all of our belongings and headed out to West Texas! We had so much, Clay had to rent a U-Haul trailer also and carry up the rest of our stuff. We filled two gigantic storage rooms with as much as we could, but it all wouldn't fit! Clay had to take the rest of our stuff and store it at the shop in Midland. After filling two moving vans and one U-Haul trailer we still had more! So my parents were kind enough to let us use half of their garage to store our remaining things. Boy have we accumulated a TON of things over the past 15 months! What a moving adventure!!!!

Clay is now in Midland living at the shop, while the twinkies and I are staying with my parents. Hopefully we will be able to find a lovely home in Midland so that we can all be together again soon. We sure do miss our Daddy!

We had a lot of help getting ready for the move!

My two little helpers!

Anna: "I don't want to move!"
Brown: "Moving is fun!"

Moving is hard work!

Don't forget to pack me!

My big helper!

Helping Daddy load the U-Haul

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